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Doing so guarantees that they will be automatically compiled and accessible to the ASP. This will launch a wizard similar to the Sql Data Source's, but instead of querying for the connection string, step 1 of the Object Data Source's wizard asks you to select the class that contains the methods for working with the data (see Figure 5).

Once you have selected the class, the second step of the wizard prompts you to select the methods for selecting data, deleting data, updating data, and inserting data.

Notice that we did not need to write a single line of server-side code in order to display data from a database. NET page contains the specific details pertinent to data access.

That is, buried in the Sql Data Source's declarative syntax you'll find a reference to a connection string, SQL statements for (potentially) SELECTs, INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs, and a list of parameters for each type of SQL statement.

These two classes are shown below: Product and Product DAL (Visual Basic) Imports Microsoft.This List is then returned at the end of the method.These class files should be placed in the Web application's /app_code directory. NET page, start by adding an Object Data Source to the page and click on its Configure Data Source link in its Smart Tag.The downside of this approach is that it tightly binds the details of the data store to the ASP. If your database's underlying schema changes you'll have to modify all ASP.NET pages that touch the modified parts of the data store.

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