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Enjoy your instant or growing chemistry by making eye contact, flirting, and touching him.

Give him your full attention when you are together and invest in getting to know him.

It might be predictable that kindness appeals to men, but did you know men are more sexually drawn to kind women?

A University of Rochester study found men are more attracted to kind and attentive women and these traits can deepen sexual desire.

If you really want to meet him or reschedule, tell him.

The bottom line is a man values a woman who will consistently show up and be there for him.

Naturally, men want to avoid dull conversations and are drawn to intelligent women who can partake in stimulating, interesting talk and activities.

More recently, the definition of intelligence has been broadened to include seven types of intelligence (this is really good news! Whether you are creative, analytic, intuitive, witty, clever, practical, or insightful, you are intelligent.

If you do need to cancel, communicate why and give him as much notice as possible.Use this article as a guide to connect with your dream guy and bring out the best version of yourself.According to a national online survey by Hart Research, 72 percent of men value intelligence in a wife. You could spend hours online searching for the answer, but now you don’t have to.We did some digging and found 7 qualities that men want in a woman — all based on scientific research and what real guys have actually As you read, think about if and how you possess each characteristic and consider how you could strengthen them.

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