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Sealed by the seemingly endless C19th builder trample, this was one of the first pre-1860s features to be identified and its dark, charcoal-rich fill was highly visible.With this recorded, it took a full day of trowelling to reveal the next context in the archaeological sequence – that most glamorous of deposits, a dump.The pair began work on recording and excavating their pit at the end of the week and up to press, it appears to contain ceramics of a date no later than the late 1700s.We do indeed seem to be creeping back in time in this area, despite the complex nature of the archaeology!

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Too thick to be a coin and not an obvious shape for a button, it will be down to our conservation team to solve this riddle.Elsewhere in Arran’s area, Anne and Terry were also seeking out the next feature in their sequence.After a thorough clean of their area, it became apparent that the latest feature was a stone post-pad.As this area finally, if reluctantly, yielded some good edges, it has now been re-named Contrary Corner.Tom and Gill joined Arran’s team on a two day taster course this week and joined the effort of finding new contexts that had previously been sealed by the 1860s construction trample.

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