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How do I attract the men I want without compromising myself?

You only think of behaving in a more feminine manner as "compromising yourself" because you've been conditioned to think of your personal value in purely masculine terms. You are too fixated on the fact that you are being LESS masculine.

(In addition, self-citation accounted for up to 20% of all citations.

It may not be a stretch to think that some of those solo citations came from the eponymous author[s].) On top of that, 10% of the academic journals probably got 90% of the citations.

I became more feminine, I would act more sweet, talk less, be less witty or sarcastic and it was crazy how many more guys came flocking to me.

It was kind of disheartening though that I had to become this demure thing to attract more guys.

The sheer volume of published work in the English language alone is staggering.

What about the fact that you've become MORE receptive, or MORE radiant, sweet ER, or MORE beautiful?they date "assholes") only because these qualities are unfortunately common in most of the men who have the masculine qualities that they want: strength, aggression, unshakable confidence, ambition, etc. - in other words, the qualities that women do not typically have in themselves and cannot get from feminine men. I felt like I was compromising myself, and at times not even being myself because I had to bite my tongue so much and watch what I said.I don't want to be a bobblehead airhead girl, but it seems as though that's what guys want.

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