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The cost for such improve- ments are unknown to Gould, he said.

The entire e-mail enhance- ment project received 0,000 frrjm (he vice provost, but the Webmail improvements used only a part of that money. and the Information Technology Assistance Center Help Desk is assigned to answer those calls.

El Cazador employees detained by police By Jf Mi MM Rii Mck KANSAS STATE (OILEGJAN Outside the popular Mexican food restaurant, EI Cazador, hangs a sign: El Cazador wilt be closed today Santiago Palomino, the manag- er of the Manhattan and (unction City locations, was arrested along with 15 of his employees for immi- gration violations, said Lt.

Kurt Moldrup of the Riley County Po- lice Department Moldrup said the arrests were the result of an ongoing investiga- tion in cooperation with the Im- migration and Customs Enforce- ment and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. "It was an investigation into their activities " However. "1 cannot say why they closed " he said "They probably don't have enough employees to be open" Beginning at 6 a.m , search warrants were executed at 3004 Gary.

3003 Anderson, 922 Gar- denway #3, 918 Gardenway #4, 910 Gardenway # Stagg Hill #9, Moldrup said.

The ICE has all the employees in detainment and will take all but one of them into custody, said Marilu Cabrera, spokeswoman for ICE.

Adrea Ree, senior in dietetics, said she supports shopping at local bookstores, "I love Vameys They have great service, and you don't have to worry about the hassle of shipping and handling," Ree said. New Books Vanwy's Bookstore: .75 2.95 (Paperback) Not available Not available Utod Books Vamey's Boobtor*: .00 SSl ,00 (Paperback) Ha Not available KSUboob.eom: .00 All books are hirdb«ch, unleif noted.Jackson DONT FORGET ■ operation PC will run beginning at 9 a.m. Items might not appear because of space constraints but are guaranteed to appeal on the day of the and Tuesday in the Derby Kramer and Strong complexes with mandatory program updates for Ethernet usen. 16, 2004 Weather Today: Chance of thunderstonn 85 1 64 Tuesday: Chance of thunderstorm 85 1 65 b OM MSt M*^ ll Uwwur 4TL4ngyd^ • RMUMn Mism MTiiiai Ti «• Mound l OJuoni nwmma Md •tm ivhsf* «Mk» Mtekv* iipmw (Ml IIHa WMjrt on* it Mucr ««••• ISMwonr MDHdi tf Fn Iwiul UBui Mu lecodt F I3Talii»l MEimfi uenai f1 T RBQgedy iw Hy'i MAf Wnt I, M Mm XFuu I7Ufi Ubvr i|»MIi^WMU* Mcen M JOCIO UQU [ aataa □□□ y rji'ii MOMT nnir CMftv NMh Mm ! To place an itei T] in the Campus Calendar, stop by Kedzie 1 16 and fill out a form or e-mail the news editor at bulletim§y! two days before it is to ■ Students can pkk up their firuncial aid ch«ks at 6 am. No, I * Group rallies for rights Activists address detainees' situation •y P«triu R.The difference between nii arrest and a detainment.

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