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It’s hard to know just what is happening in this photo or what happened afterwards, but it starkly depicts another side of the liberation of the Jews.

Whether this photo inspires or depresses, it shows us just how complicated the idea of justice can be, and how Jews have still struggled with it so many years after the Holocaust.

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This image was shared on Reddit by u/Bobthe Guy with the title, “It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It depicts Jews in hiding during Passover in Poland, baking matzos, their faces alight and happy.

As we’re leaving Passover now, may we be strengthened by their resolve. This incredible image depicts Jews, not in hiding, but within an transit camp in Holland lighting a Menorah on Hanukkah.

This is such candid, raw photo you would think it was taken on a cellphone at the spur of the moment. Seriously, how is this image not beyond famous by now?

Depicting a woman at the shortly after her liberation, so skinny you can hardly see her, her face is aglow and alive. Here’s the original source for this image, with a few more details.

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