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Camembert cheese (KAM-uhm-behr) – (French) Soft and ripened (tastes much like Brie cheese), but more pointed in flavor and richer in texture. Canadian bacon – It is a lean, boneless pork loin roast that is smoked.

Called canape (KAN-uh-pay) – A French term that consists of bite-size bits of savory food spread on edible bases (toasted or untoasted bread) and garnished or decorated.

There are literally thousands of cakes recipes (some are bread-like and some rich and elaborate) and many are centuries old. Baking utensils and directions have been so perfected and simplified that even the amateur cook may easily become and expert baker.

There are five basic types of cake, depending on the substance used for leavening.

Learn about the history and recipes of Cajun Cuisine.

cake – Cakes are made from various combinations of refined flour, some form of shortening, sweetening, eggs, milk, leavening agent, and flavoring.

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calzone (kahl-ZOH-nay) – An Italian word meaning “a trouser leg.” It is a pizza crust rolled out and topped with all the ingredients of a normal pizza except tomato, then folded over to a half-moon or crescent-shaped turnover.cabernet sauvignon (cab-air-nay so-veen-yawn) – One of the finest of red wines.It is associated with the Bordeaux region in France but the grapes are now grown worldwide.The Caesar salad was once voted by the International Society of Epicures in Paris as the “greatest recipe to originate from the Americas in fifty years.” Cajun cuisine (KAY-juhn kwee-ZEEN) – Cajun food is essentially the poor cousin to Creole.Today it tends to be spicier and more robust than Creole, utilizing regionally available resources and less of the foods gained through trade.

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