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The chemistry between the leads is more than enough reason for you to watch this drama.So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah make an adorable couple and they delivered their characters beautifully.This had me laughing hysterically so many times but also provided its fair share of heart (the finale has me bawling! This drama makes me realize how important it is to value what you have, before it’s too late to start appreciating them.

I’m still waiting patiently for K-actress Yoon Eun Hye‘s promised 2017 K-ent return, and if she ends up picking a movie then it’ll be at least 2018 until it hits the big screen.Though I said the story is a bit dragging, but you can completely relate to it.Warm and Cozy is very light; it makes it easy to watch. I tried watching this because I was out of dramas to watch, but to my surprise, this one is really good. My feelings towards the typical romantic comedy are a lot like my feelings toward “Sodas”. Lol Anyway, kidding aside, the drama was really good.My little project doesn’t come close to my college thesis research, but I did find some amazing Korean Drama gems. Note that I have changed the arrangement of this list to “By Year”. Not so much on the love interest side, no big battle, but the best story you will ever find on a drama, a wonderful story (emotional, realistic, and dramatic) with things that will chill and warm you.

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