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I really wish I could fast forward things to the end of the year for the Juniors, as I am sure by then we will finally have a couple of new groups at least.But until then I will have to be stuck in some frustration, hoping that the Juniors I like will not disappear as things get shuffled around as they figure out new groups.The single copies will come with a special ticket A and the copies of the album come with a special ticket B which I am sure you will need to have both for whatever Johnny's has planned to be the special promotion for the releases.But of course they have yet to announce what that will be.

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Looking through all the profiles I noticed a few things. But seeing as Kis-My-Ft2 is still up and there is no doubt whether or not they debuted that is just wishful thinking.One thing to note is that Kamei Taku is no longer with the Hasshi-trio and Nozawa Yuki has taken his place.So this should mean he has had his dating scandal and is no longer with Johnny's.Since the trio is Hashimoto Ryosuke, Sanada Yuma and Nozawa now I will be calling them by the group name they had briefly before being split up, TOP3.Tackey stays on stage for the opening talk that gives us the theme of the episode, Deai (a meeting). It has the same break down as the past couple of months with the usual Junior groupings singing the songs and at the end all singing the last song of the medley together. They each read a fan letter from a fan of the member and that is about it.

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