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Ten patients undergoing total hip or knee arthroplasty were included in the study.

DE for thromboprophylaxis was started 4 h after surgery.

urgent surgery etc.), the diluted thrombin time measured with Hemoclot® has shown reliable results.

So far, no point-of-care (Po C) assay is available to measure DE effects.

DE dosing was started 6 h after surgery using 110 mg, followed by 110 mg twice daily from the first postoperative day on.

The diluted thrombin time using the Hemoclot® assay has shown reliable results when compared to standard coagulation assays [8].CT in the TEM assays was our primary outcome variable for all assays.The analyses of all plasma samples were performed on an automated coagulation analyzer (STA-R Evolution Analyzer, Stago, Parsipanny, USA).This may represent an opportunity to identify the presence of dabigatran, e.g., in emergency situations. Karger Gmb H, Freiburg Anticoagulation is essential to prevent thromboembolic events such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or stroke.Stroke caused by atrial fibrillation leads to a poor outcome with possible long-time disability and death.

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