Validating after button click

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Overall, it would be nice if we could just skip the entire validation submission altogether, if there was no actual submit button clicked.In $form = form_builder($form_id, $form, $form_state); // Only process the input if we have a correct form submission. How can I make form api not to invoke hook_form_validate() and not test Provides an array of sections which are parts of $form_state['values'] which should be validated, implying that sections which are not listed should not be validated. I don't care if all fields are filled, I only need my form to be updated at this very moment.In this post we will try to extend and customize this approach a little.It would be nice I the fields of the form be validated on returns true if there are no data errors on the model.

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docs: "Partial form validation is implemented by suppressing errors rather than by skipping the input processing and validation steps entirely".

The data is validated and errors are displayed on the form.

If you've been in the webmaster world for a while then you'll know that your users operate according to Sod's Law - "If anything can go wrong, it will".

If you're already using Java Script form validation then the command can instead be added to the script as follows: It's important that the command to disable the button be added at the end of the script, otherwise, if the validation fails, the user will have no opportunity to re-submit the form.

Using the above code, after the form has been submitted, if the user clicks the browser Back button then the submit button remains disabled.

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